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I am parsing a PDF and getting a lot of Strings with \t, \r, \n,\s... And they appear on both ends of the String and don't appear in order. So I can have

"\t\s\t\nSome important data I need surrounded by useless data \r\t\s\s\r\t\t"

. Is there any efficient ways to trim these Strings? What I have so far which isn't good enough because I want some symbols.:

public static String trimToLetters(String sourceString) {
        int beginIndex = 0;
        int endIndex = sourceString.length() - 1;
        Pattern p = Pattern.compile("[A-Z_a-z\\;\\.\\(\\)\\*\\?\\:\\\"\\']");
        Matcher matcher = p.matcher(sourceString);
        if (matcher.find()) {
            if (matcher.start() >= 0) {
                beginIndex = matcher.start();
                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(sourceString);
                String sourceReverse = sb.reverse().toString();
                matcher = p.matcher(sourceReverse);
                if (matcher.find()) {
                    endIndex = sourceString.length() - matcher.start();
        return sourceString.substring(beginIndex, endIndex);
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You would do worse than to invoke stringInstance.replaceAll("[[:space:]]", "") – hd1 Mar 20 '13 at 2:19

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The trim method of the String should be able to remove all whitespace from both ends of the string:

trim: Returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace omitted.

P.S. \s is not a valid escape sequence in Java.

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Thats the first thing I tried. Or maybe the pdfs contains letters that can't be rendered to .txt file. – wtsang02 Mar 20 '13 at 2:16
@wtsang02 Here is a working demo on ideone: link. – dasblinkenlight Mar 20 '13 at 2:17
@wtsang02 what is the issue that you are facing with 'trim' method? – Jayamohan Mar 20 '13 at 2:18
@Jayamohan String.trim() didn't work for me in JSP. Or maybe its some other error causing. Let me try again with just trim(). – wtsang02 Mar 20 '13 at 2:21
@dasblinkenlight Thanks. The problem was in jsp page. Now I can use trim() to trim it. – wtsang02 Mar 20 '13 at 2:38

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