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There is a textField and a button in my view, and if the textfield is empty I do not want to user can click the button. When user text something in the textfield, the button will bu clickable. How can I do this? Thank you.

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for your UITextField, you can set:

[textField addTarget:self action:@selector(editing:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventAllEditingEvents];

Then in your editing: have:

-(void)editing:(UITextField *)sender {
    myButton.enabled = ![sender.text isEqualToString:@""];
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It works, thank you. –  jxdwinter Mar 20 '13 at 3:00

Listen for changes to the text field. As the text changes, update the button's enabled property based on whether there is text or not. Of course you also need to set the button's state at the beginning as well.

// Setup the text field change listener (this can be done in IB if appropriate)
// Put this in viewDidLoad if not using IB.
UITextField *myTextField = ... // a reference to the text field
[myTextField addTarget:self action:@selector(textFieldChangedAction:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventEditingChanged];

// Initialize the button's state (put this in viewDidLoad)
myButton.enabled = myTextField.text.length > 0;

// The method called as the text changes in the text field
- (void)textFieldChangedAction:(UITextField *)sender {
    myButton.enabled = sender.text.length > 0;
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If you want, you can "hide" the button by setting the alpha value of the button to 0 and when the textfield is at least one character long, then set the button's alpha value to 1 to "show" the button. I think this conceptually is easy to do and very presentable to the user.

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Set the textfield.delegate to self Then in delegate that is textfielddidbeginediting ( Check is textfield is @"" Then disable the button

Else Enable the button )

And there is one more. Delegate u can use


And in viewdidload first state of the button should be disabled

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