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I need to create a "Dice" object using javascript. I have the start but am running into some fundamental errors.

var Die = function (){
    this.sides = 6;
var Die = function (value){
   this.sides = value;
Die.prototype.roll = function(){
    var result = Math.floor((Math.random()*sides)+1);
Die.prototype.getValue = function(){
    return sides;

I want to have a default six sided die but if the user wants to add a different number of sides they should have that option, hence the attempt at an overloaded constructor. the roll method is supposed to simulate "rolling".

I don't really know where I am going wrong but my methods are not working Thank You!

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Your first two statements are overriding each other, you should combine them into one, as follows.

var Die = function(sides) {
  this.sides = sides || 6;

The only error in your roll and getValue methods is that to access the sides variable you must use this.sides, as it is a property of the Die object. The two functions can also be combined into one quite easily.

Die.prototype.roll = function() {
  return Math.floor((Math.random()*this.sides)+1);

Example usage:

var die = new Die();
console.log(die.roll()); // --> 4
var five_sided_die = new Die(5);
console.log(five_sided_die.roll()); // --> 3
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