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I have problem while saving data from SQL to Excel. I am usign C# for my web app.I have data stored in SQL as nvarchar data type.

The problem is when I save data to Excel, Excel automatically converts ".0" data to "0.00". I want to save data to Excel as it is in SQL. How can I do it?This is code I used:

var excelApp = new Excel.Application();
    excelApp.Visible = true;
    Excel.Workbook workbook = excelApp.Workbooks.Add();
    Excel._Worksheet worksheet = (Excel._Worksheet)excelApp.ActiveSheet;

    worksheet.Cells[1, "A"] = "MJERA1";
    worksheet.Cells[1, "B"] = "MJERA2";
    worksheet.Cells[1, "C"] = "MJERA3";
    worksheet.Cells[1, "D"] = "MUSTERIJA";

    worksheet.Range["A1:D1", Type.Missing].Borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeBottom].Color = System.Drawing.Color.Black;
    worksheet.Range["A1:D1", Type.Missing].Font.Bold = true;

    var must = new Must();
    var customerList = must.Ramiz_Musterija_ListByDate(Convert.ToDateTime(ddlTruckDate.SelectedItem.Value), int.Parse(ddlTruckNumber.SelectedItem.Value));

    var row = 1;
    foreach (var queryMust in customerList)
        worksheet.Cells[row, "A"] = queryMust.Mjera1;
        worksheet.Cells[row, "B"] = queryMust.Mjera2;
        worksheet.Cells[row, "C"] = queryMust.Mjera3;
        worksheet.Cells[row, "D"] = queryMust.Ime;
        // worksheet.Cells[row, "E"] = queryMust.MusterijaID;

    var customerFindLastList = must.Ramiz_Musterija_FindLast(Convert.ToDateTime(ddlTruckDate.SelectedItem.Value), int.Parse(ddlTruckNumber.SelectedItem.Value));
    var customerRowNumList = must.Ramiz_Musterija_RowNum(Convert.ToDateTime(ddlTruckDate.SelectedItem.Value), int.Parse(ddlTruckNumber.SelectedItem.Value));

    var rowNumList = from f in customerFindLastList
                     join r in customerRowNumList
                     on f.MusterijaID equals r.MusterijaID
                     select new { r.RowNum };
    foreach (var rowItem in rowNumList)
        worksheet.Range[string.Concat("A", (rowItem.RowNum + 1).ToString(), ":", "D", (rowItem.RowNum + 1).ToString()), Type.Missing].Borders[Excel.XlBordersIndex.xlEdgeBottom].Color = System.Drawing.Color.Black;

    var autoFit = worksheet.Columns.AutoFit();

    workbook.SaveAs("MJERE " + ddlTruckDate.SelectedItem.Value, Excel.XlFileFormat.xlWorkbookNormal, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Excel.XlSaveAsAccessMode.xlExclusive, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing);
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You need to obtain correct datatape of the variable, and then apply same formatting to a cell. Check the documentation.

Sheet.Cells[x, y].NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy";
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@Andrew.Thank you but I can not use NumberFormat because it does not apear after dot sign. –  black123 Mar 20 '13 at 3:25
which framework do u use to connect to your spreadsheets? –  Andrew Mar 20 '13 at 3:28
I am using .NET 4 –  black123 Mar 20 '13 at 3:29
I posted sample code also –  black123 Mar 20 '13 at 3:41

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