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I ran first example of msgpack success in command line, but fail in xcode

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
"msgpack::operator<<(std::__1::basic_ostream >&, msgpack::object)", referenced from: _main in main.o

The error is from this line

std::cout << obj << std::endl;  //=> ["Hello", "MessagePack"]

I have set the

  • Other Linker Flags -lmsgpack
  • Library Search Path /usr/local/lib
  • C++ Standard Library libc++ with c++ 11 support
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This indicates that obj has a type msgpack::object.

The problem is that there is no operator<< for objects of type msgpack::object.
What you are looking for is this:

std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& stream, msgpack::object const& data)
    // STUFF
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+1 The likely reason this even compiled is that the operator is declared as a friend , but was never implemented as show here. –  WhozCraig Mar 20 '13 at 4:22

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