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I have a ListView in my activity which is set to CHOICE_MODE_SINGLE originally. I supply it the textViewResourceId of R.id.simple_list_item_1 as I am only displaying single lines of text.

When I long press on an item, I am able to bring up the Contextual Action Bar (CAB) with a delete icon. Deleting the items that would be selected isn't the problem. My problem arises when I need to display which items are actually selected. Because the textViewResourceId is simple_list_item_1, this textView doesn't show selected items as it was made for single choice only. Is there a way to change this resourceId at runtime so that the ListView can start displaying multiple selections, and then return to single select upon exiting the CAB?

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I guess posting some code will be more easier for others to provide you solution. –  GrIsHu Mar 20 '13 at 4:59

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I found a solution to my problem! I set the textViewResourceId to simple_list_item_activated_1, which highlights the selected choice and initialized the ListView in ListView.CHOICE_MODE_SINGLE. In onItemClick, I set the clicked item to unchecked if the choice mode is single. In onItemLongClick, I set the choice mode to ListView.CHOICE_MODE_MULIPLE and opened the Contextual Action Bar (CAB). I handle the menu items of the CAB from the helper method, and when I destroy the action mode, I also set the choice modes back to ListView.CHOICE_MODE_SINGLE.

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