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How to sort an array of strings with anagrams next to each other?


input {god, dog, abc, cab, man}
output {abc, cab, dog, god, man}

My approach: Sort the array ( without considering the anagrams case) in O(nlogn). Next, pick up the first string & create a histogram for the string, and compare the histogram with the remaining strings histograms in the array and place the matching strings at appropriate position of the array ..repeat until it reaches array size.. this algo takes worst case of O(n^3) (if we assume that in worst case, each string is also of size n) & extra space for the histogram representation

Histogram approach taken from the ref: finding if two words are anagrams of each other

Can we do better than this?

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You can certainly do better as follows:

  1. Loop through the array of strings
  2. For each string, first sort its characters, using the sorted string as key and original string as value, put into a hash table. you will end up with a hash table that with keys as sorted strings, and values being all anagrams, meanwhile, those values are ordered. You may use map<string, set<string> > to serve for this purpose.
  3. iterate over the hash-table and output all anagrams together for a given key, they should be next to each other

Assume the length of strings are M and size of array is N the time complexity is then: O(NMlogM), M is usually smaller than N in average. So this is much more efficient than what you have said.

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I think compacting the word by counting number of every chars is enough for computing the key of the map. –  liuml07 Nov 9 '13 at 7:19

@Song Wang : Even I was thinking of doing it that way. But how do you know the order in which to put strings once you take them out of the hashmap ? Suppose you extract
K1 = "abc", V1 = "cab"
K2 = "abc", V2 = "abc"
How would you know which one to put first in the list 1 or 2 ?
Maybe you'll sort them again. But , then that'll be bad for the complexity.

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I should have made this clear, for hashmap, I did not really mean that it is hashmap used in JAVA, since hashmap has no order. Here will need kind of mapping that has order. You can use map<string, set<string>> in C++ to serve the purpose of a hashtable. –  taocp Mar 20 '13 at 13:19

Why sort in the first place? Cant you just divide the array into subsets based on anagrams. Sort the subsets and finally merge based on the first word in each subset.

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In python this can be done by:

sorted(word_list, key=lambda word: ''.join(sorted(word.replace(" ", "").lower())))

where the key is the sorted alphabetical order of character. The key will be same for anagrams, thus keeping them together

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