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I'm working on a bookmarking app using Django and would like to extract the title from web pages that use javascript to generate the title. I've looked at windmill and installed/ran selenium, which worked, but I believe these tools are more than what I need to obtain the title of a web page. I'm currently trying to use spynner, but haven't been successful in retrieving the contents after the page is fully rendered. Here is the code that I currently have...

from spynner import Browser
from pyquery import PyQuery
browser = Browser()

I receive a SpynnerTimeout: Timeout reached: 10 seconds error when executing the last line in a python shell. If I execute the last statement again, it will return True, but only the page before the javascript is run is returned, which doesn't have the "correct" page title. I also tried the following:

browser.load("", wait_callback=wait_load(10))

But this also returns the incorrect title - '' (i.e. title before the javascript is run).

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there a more efficient recommended approach for extracting a web page title that is dynamically generated with javascript, that uses some other python tool/library? If so, what is that recommended approach? - any example code appreciated.
  2. If using spynner is a good approach, what should I be doing to get the title after the page is loaded, or even better, right after the title has been rendered by the javascript. The code I have now is just what I pieced together from a blog post and looking at the source for spynner on github.
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You're going to want a library that can interpret and execute Javascript. These are often called "headless browsers." Selenium is one. However, I believe Spynner actually has support for this. Take a look at the code example on and Google around for ways to wait for a page to finish loading and then how to access DOM attributes. If you add a call to browser.wait_page_load() before trying to read the title, it might start magically working. – Anorov Mar 20 '13 at 4:35
wait_page_load() doesn't seem to exist in the current version of spynner, but I did try wait_load(10) and it returns the Timeout error. – Derek Mar 20 '13 at 4:53

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