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When I use mapvalues in the plyr package (plyr v1.8, R v2.15.1 Roasted Marshmallows), I get an odd result when the "to" argument is a factor. For example,

v1 = c(1,2,2,1,2)

mapvalues(v1, from = c(1, 2), to = factor( c('A', 'B') ) )


[1] 1 2 2 1 2

instead of

[1] A B B A B
Levels: A B

To me it looks like it might be a bug, but I wanted to check with other people before bothering the developer. Is this a bug?

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This most likely isn't a bug. Factors are stored internally as integers. If you have a factor and want to map to the levels of the factor instead of the internal integer storage value you can call levels on the factor first.

mapvalues(v1, from = c(1, 2), to = levels(factor(c('A', 'B'))))

If you want the result to be a factor then just call factor on the result afterward.

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That makes sense. It's not a bug. –  David Choi Mar 20 '13 at 6:44
Although, I do think a warning might still be helpful -- vectors seem to unintentionally get silently converted into factors despite my best efforts. Is it just me? –  David Choi Mar 20 '13 at 6:50

You need to remove the factor() from mapvalues(). Conversion to factor can be done after value replacement.

v1<-mapvalues(v1, from = c(1, 2), to = c('A', 'B')) 
#Now convert to factor
[1] A B B A B
Levels: A B
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