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I have something like the following:

<%= content_tag(:table, class: "table") do %>
Rows and cells etc
<% end %>

I want to output it as raw HTML for users to copy-and-paste. How do I do that?

Can I wrap the entire block in something like <%= raw do %>…<% end %>? (That obviously doesn't work BTW)

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CGI::escapeHTML can do it. You should be able to call

<%= CGI.escapeHTML content_tag(:table, class: "table") do %>
<% end %>

Update, better way:

The h method, of course!

<%=h content_tag(:table, class: "table") do %>
<% end %>
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Thanks, Piers, but that doesn't seem to work at all. –  Galen King Mar 26 '13 at 7:48

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