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i am using struts2 and hibernate from my project and i am using jqgrid for data display. now i want to redirect the jqgrid search window to a link. i already done that by the following code

            $("#gridtable").jqGrid ('searchGrid',{multipleSearch:false, 
                multipleGroup: true,
                recreateFilter: true,
                onSearch: function(event,data)
            return false;

my link code is

<s:a id="link1">PDF Report</s:a>

It's displays the search window properly. but when i click the find button on the search grid window it return the searchString, searchOper and searchField values are null. so i couldn't make any further operations. please guide me...

thank you.

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In case of advanced searching (which you have activated by setting multipleGroup to true) jqGrid is not using the parameters you have mentioned, but it is using filters parameter. This parameter will contain an object describing the selected search options, something similiar to this:


Of course the object will be serialized into JSON so you need to deserialize it on server side. The fields have following meaning:

  • groupOp determines which operator should be used between the rules and groups within the scope
  • rules contains an array of filter rulles
  • field this is the equivalent of searchField for the rule
  • op this is the equivalent of searchOper for the rule
  • data this is the equivalent ofsearchString` for the rule
  • groups contains an array of sub groups

You can read more here.


You need to add your parameters to the URL you are redirecting for, for example in case of single searching it might look like this:

onSearch: function(event,data)
    var gridPostData = $("#gridtable").getGridParam("postData");
    document.location.href = "jasperPdf?searchField=" + encodeURIComponent(gridPostData.searchField) + "&searchOper=" + encodeURIComponent(gridPostData.searchOper) + "&searchString=" + encodeURIComponent(gridPostData.searchString);                      
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now i need not advanced search. so i am using code like this $("#gridtable").jqGrid ('searchGrid',{ onSearch: function(event,data) { document.location.href="jasperPdf"; } }); but now it's also return the same null value. –  Suguna Ss Mar 22 '13 at 6:08
@SugunaSs I hope you are not expecting this parameters in your jasperPdf as you haven't passed them there in any way. –  tpeczek Mar 22 '13 at 8:30
@SugunaSs I have update the answer in case you have forgot about that part. –  tpeczek Mar 22 '13 at 8:39
yes. that is right. i forgot that part. now i got the answer. thank you so much. –  Suguna Ss Mar 22 '13 at 11:32
and i have another one doubt.how to do the same thing for advanced search? thank you. –  Suguna Ss Mar 22 '13 at 11:55

I was looking to populate hidden fields when I came across this related article which helped me find a solution:

\$.extend(\$.jgrid.search,{Find:"Filter Results", caption:"RHZ Results Filter",
    onSearch: function() {
        var gridPostData = jQuery("#tablegrid").jqGrid('getGridParam','postData');
            \$.each(gridPostData, function(index, value){
                if (index == 'searchField')
                else if (index == 'searchString')
                else if (index == 'searchOper')
                else {}
        odata: [{ oper:'eq', text:'equal'},
            { oper:'cn', text:'contains'},
            {oper:'bw', text:'begins with'},{oper:'ew', text:'ends with'}


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