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I am searching way to reduce timing of process taken by Asterisk,asteriskjava.jar! I am working on project which based on java, asterisk, mysql. In asterisk i can add total max number of stations like 90,900,9000(I set these numbers). 3 files edited when any 1 station register first time 1. sip.conf 2. extensions.conf 3. queues.conf After each entry in these files i use "reload" command by asteriskjava.jar's ManagerConnection's sendAction function. (I think this is something problematic at 9000 stations registrations.)

In extensions.conf i put one line as bellow extenpatternmatchnew=yes (';' not at start of this line so i think it works.)

So by this line i can get result for 90 stations time takes 22.94sec for 900 stations time takes 7.07 to 7.15sec for 9000 stations 9000 stations it takes more than 4 hours.. How can i reduce this time? I asked related to this in How to create custom conf file for add stations in extensions.conf, asterisk? but this not works for save timing at first time registration. If for only 9000 stations registration take this much lot of time then if i choose 1lacs stations then i have to keep registering all stations for few days? After registration there is no time issue every thing is fast as needed but only first time adding/registering in 3 different conf files.

I need help.

Thanks arheops, I am using Asterisk You write you are not clear what i am doing... I am just adding first time dial plan for n number of stations so after that all can easily calls/paging/confernace etc. Many forums give solution reduce time for 'using' dialplan for n number of stations after 'adding' dialplan but not how to reduce time consume when dialplan preparing for n number of stations.

I am using java program. In my programs function (which use for add stations to asterisk) 'for loop' use & each time from asterisk-java-1.0.0.M3.jar calls UpdateConfigAction.java. In this addCommand function calls. It puts all info in 'action' which use in MAnagerAction.java files which further use in ManagerConnection.java file's sendAction function. By this activity 3 conf files edit & parse & save

  1. sip.conf
  2. queues.conf
  3. extensions.conf

When i select 100 stations then 26-30sec for whole process utilize.

When i select 1000 stations then 7-8min for whole process utilize.

When i select 10000 stations then 6.93hours for whole process utilize.

I observe that when i console asterisk -r command use for to see what's going on then

==Parsing '/etc/asterisk/sip.conf': ==Found

after this line few sec console stops then

==Saving 'etc/asterisk/sip.conf' : ==Saved

appear. So i think in sip.conf some setting missing which i used but i keep all settings 'default' in sip.conf !

Can anyone try to tell me where i make mistake so my program consume this much of time to registering first time stations in these 3 conf files! How can i reduce this time?

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Is there any specific sip.conf files setting for solve this issue? i just use default setting in sip.conf. –  Mandar Khire Mar 20 '13 at 7:09
There are no need in reload after EACH entry. Do SINGLE reload. –  arheops Mar 20 '13 at 13:57
Why don't you add the members to the config files in one Command? Example: build array of members -> write array of members into config files -> reload. –  pce Mar 21 '13 at 13:30

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For larger installation you have use asterisk realtime architecture( got sip info from db).


Anyway, asterisk not able server 90.000.000 users. For such large installs you have use more powerfull proxies like opensips/kamailio.

It is not clear for me what you are dooing, but freepbx with 2000 stations do reload in less then minutes. So maybe you need consult freepbx code(it is opensource)?

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