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I am using the postgres 9.0 version.

I have executed this query in my database:-

SELECT * FROM pg_tablespace;

and the out put is this:

output example

I know that "pg_default" and "pg_global" are default TABLESPACE but I want to know:

  1. What is the absolute path for these
  2. what is the main purpose
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Tablespaces are covered in the PostgreSQL manual. I quote:

By using tablespaces, an administrator can control the disk layout of a PostgreSQL installation. This is useful in at least two ways. First, if the partition or volume on which the cluster was initialized runs out of space and cannot be extended, a tablespace can be created on a different partition and used until the system can be reconfigured.

Second, tablespaces allow an administrator to use knowledge of the usage pattern of database objects to optimize performance. For example, an index which is very heavily used can be placed on a very fast, highly available disk, such as an expensive solid state device. At the same time a table storing archived data which is rarely used or not performance critical could be stored on a less expensive, slower disk system.

and also:

The psql program's \db meta-command is also useful for listing the existing tablespaces.

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