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i am using the below code to disable the header checkbox whether an item status is "Y". I try this method to disable the asp.net checkbox but i can't do this in html chackbox. Can anyone help me to do this?


                                        <input id="chk_invoice" type="checkbox" onclick="CheckAllinvoice(this)" runat="server" disabled='<%# (Eval("FLD_STATUS").ToString() == "Y") ? "disabled":"enabled" %>' />// ERROR HERE
                                        <asp:CheckBox ID="chkSelect" runat="server" Checked='<%# (bool)(Eval("FLD_PAID").ToString() == "Y") ? false:true %>'
                                            Enabled='<%# (bool)(Eval("FLD_PAID").ToString() == "Y") ? false:true %>' />
                                    <ItemStyle Width="20px" />
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disabled is something like a boolean attribute when present it implies that the checkbox is to be disabled.

So i guess you should try something like

.. runat="server" <%# (string)Eval("FLD_STATUS") == "Y" ? "disabled" : "" %> ...
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