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I am having an issue with the following import

@import "../foundation/components/top-bar";

I get Line 342 of _top-bar.scss: Undefined variable: "$row-width"

Unfortunately I can't find much documentation about this variable.

Digging into the source of _top-bar.scss I get to the offnding line 342:

.contain-to-grid .top-bar { max-width: $row-width; margin: 0 auto; }

The documentation says about .contain-to-grid:

If you want your navigation to be set to your grid width, wrap it in div class="contain-to-grid".

This means the class is optional. Therefore shouldn't $row-width be set to some sort of default to prevent the above error appearing (i.e if I decide I don't want to use .contain-to-grid)?

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Variables such as the one I encountered are defined either in a templates/project/scss/_settings.scss or my own settings.css. Therefore I created my own copy of the original _settings.scss and imported it (i.e @import "settings";).

In other words it was in the documentation the whole time under the section "Using Sass Standalone".

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