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I have a Date column in sqlite database. With the help of cursor I am able to retrieve the values from that column. The Values are in this format, "YYYY-mm-dd". I want them to be converted to this format, "Mar 08 2013". How is this possible with SimpleDateFormat?

Can any one suggest please!! Any help will be Appreciated!!


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Here is one quick solution:

String sourceDate = c.getString(<columnNumber>);
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("MMM dd yyyy");
Date formatted = null;
try {
    formatted = formatter.parse(sourceDate);
catch (ParseException ex) {
   Log.w("ParseError", ex.getMessage());
String formattedString = formatter.format(formatted);
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I suggest you to use DateUtils. It contains a lot of static methods to help you format date, times, time deltas into a human-readable String.

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