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I created a javascript file (notification.js). I've used node.js to launch webservice in command node notification.js . And I get the error message Can not file module node-gcm. I have previously downloaded node-gcm for node.js with command npm install node-gcm.I do not know how to handle this. Please help me.


var gcm = require('node-gcm');
//var gcm = require('../gcm.js');

var message = new gcm.Message();
var sender = new gcm.Sender('AIzaSyB8IAgyo9DJbmGiVISnCCoxcQRD7em6KfI');
var registrationIds = [];

message.addData('title','My Game');
message.addData('message','Your turn!!!!');
message.collapseKey = 'demo';
message.delayWhileIdle = true;
message.timeToLive = 3;

// At least one token is required - each app registers a different token

sender.send(message, registrationIds, 4, function (result) {
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My first debugging step would be to comment out everything except the first line - I assume you will still get the error, but would confirm that for yourself. Next do the "npm install node-gcm" in the same directory as notifification.js, and please paste the output into a comment here, as that will reveal if the npm install was successful or not (if it was you should have a "node_modules" sub directory created). –  user1290746 Feb 18 at 3:03

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