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<reportElement x="79" y="103" width="279" height="23" backcolor="#000000">
    <propertyExpression name="width"><![CDATA["100"]]></propertyExpression>

I am trying to set the width of a reportElement by using a propertyExpresssion, JasperReports is picking up the width as 279 instead of 100 in the code above, and if I remove the width attribute in the reportElement tag I will get an error.

What am I doing wrong? It compiles, fills and all, but the width in the expression is not being used.

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JRElement element = jasperReport.getTitle().getElementByKey("graphWidthKey");
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I am looking for a jrxml solution to the example I have in my question, not a java version. –  Chiwai Chan Nov 26 '09 at 0:31

why not directly set 100 at reportElement tag, and i doubt whether is a solution to have width of text inside a box different of the box width. if you know, please share.

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