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I've following HTML,

 <input type=text id='input_field_1` class='row'/>
 <input type=text id='input_field_2` class='row'/>
 <input type=text id='optional_field_3` class='row'/>

In above DOM if I want to select the elements who's id starts with input_field_ then I'm able to achieve this by $("input[id^='input_field_']")

Now some more input elements are added to existing DOM structure,those are

 <input type=text id='input_field_min_4` class='row'/>
 <input type=text id='input_field_max_5` class='row'/>
 <input type=text id='optional_field_6` class='row'/>

If I use $("input[id^='input_field_']") then all the elements starting with input_field_, including input_field_min_4 and input_field_max_5 are also selecting.

I don't want this, I want to exclude input_field_min_4 and input_field_max_5,for that if do some like $("input[id^='input_field_'],input:not[id^='input_field_m']") then result is not getting what I expect.

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The selector you have is invalid and will cause a JavaScript error. It is missing parenthesis around the :not.

                                                  ^                     ^

However, even if they are added, the presence of the , between the selectors results in selecting id="^input_field_" or not id="^input_field_m", which actually matches all of the inputs.

You need to combine attribute selectors (Combine CSS Attribute Selectors) and the negation pseudo class :not together, so the following will select the first two <input> elements.


Also the HTML code in question uses some inconsistent quotes. The backtick might be causing some issues.

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+1, very detailed explanation. ) – raina77ow Mar 20 '13 at 10:54

You can use not method:

$("input[id^='input_field_']").not('[id*=min], [id*=max]');

Note that these selectors are not efficient. You should consider using different logic for selecting elements, if this is possible.

A faster option:


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This should do the trick:


Still think, though, that you'd better use additional attributes (like role, for example, or data ones) to make this distinction AND simplify your selector. If, for example, tbese additional inputs are marked with something like data-limit="min", data-limit="max", your selector will be as trivial as...

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Separating selector with comma makes or condition and you need and here, you have to combine the condition and exclude the id using :not

Live Demo

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