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What is the difference between real adaboost Logit boost discrete adaboost and gentle adaboost in train cascade parameter..

-bt <{DAB, RAB, LB, GAB(default)}>
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from the docs

boost_type – Type of the boosting algorithm. 
Possible values are:
CvBoost::DISCRETE Discrete AdaBoost. 
CvBoost::REAL Real AdaBoost. It is a technique that utilizes confidence-rated predictions and works well with categorical data. 
CvBoost::LOGIT LogitBoost. It can produce good regression fits. 
CvBoost::GENTLE Gentle AdaBoost. It puts less weight on outlier data points and for that reason is often good with regression data. 
Gentle AdaBoost and Real AdaBoost are often the preferable choices.
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