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I am trying to create an SAP Crystal report on Visual Studio 2012. I have installed the same on VS and can now open the report in a WinForm application. I am basically looking to get SAP data (maybe through an RFC) and display it on the report.

Presently, I am not getting the SAP option under the "Database Expert" for the Crystal report.

Can anyone tell me the correct way of migrating data from SAP R3 and displaying it on the crystal report?

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My two cents stackoverflow.com/questions/15082836/… –  nmiranda Mar 21 '13 at 13:56

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as far as i know, you can't directly access data from a SAP ERP system like a database. You will need to connect to the SAP System using a connector (for instance the SAP .Net Connector, download here (you will need access to the SAP Service portal). Using the .Net Connector you can either use BAPIs to access business objects or use remote enabled function modules like RFC_READ_TABLE to load table contents. After that you can put these information for instance in a dataset and use that in crystal reports.

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