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I am new to shell script. I am sourcing a file using source command which is created in windows and it has carriage return. After I source when I append some charaters to it, it always come to the start of the line.

test.dat (which has carriage return at end)

testScript.sh (sorces above file)
source test.dat
echo $testVar got it

The output I get is

got it23

How can I remove the '\r' from the variable. Any help will be really appreciable.

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yet another solution uses tr:

echo $testVar | tr -d '\r'
cat myscript | tr -d '\r'

the option -d stands for delete.

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You can use sed as following:

    MY_NEW_VAR=$(echo $testVar | sed -e 's/\r//g')
    echo ${MY_NEW_VAR} got it


By the way try to do a "dos2unix" on your data file.

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use this command on your script file after copying it to Linux/Unix

perl -pi -e 's/\r//' scriptfilename
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