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I am a little bit confused, we call CDI bean to the beans which we inject them using @inject annotation or the beans which we use @inject inside them ?

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did you read some manuals/faq about it? In what context are you using it? Did you read ? Are you even aware that this is java-ee because I retagged it. – cIph3r Mar 20 '13 at 10:07
I am talking about Jboss Weld – Yashar Mar 20 '13 at 10:48
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CDI bean is a bean managed by CDI container (Weld for example). So, if it is @injected - it is bean, if it is may @injects something - it is bean too.

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CDI does not introduce a new bean type called a “CDI Bean” with its own unique component model. CDI provides a set of services that can be consumed by managed beans and EJBs that are defined by their existing component models. So CDI is just a Bean (EJB or Managed Bean) handling CDI lifecycle with scope for "Context" and other old feature "DI" .

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CDI got introduced in Java EE 6 to provide some of the features available earlier to EJB only to all components managed by container. So CDI bean covers Servlets, SOAP web service, RESTful web service, entities, EJBs etc.

So you can use all these terms interchagebly : CDI bean, bean, managed bean, EJB bean, container managed bean etc.

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