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I am using JasperReports as a reporting tool for Web Application. (JSP + Servlets)

I have developed a Report named Cust which has Sub Report named CustSub. I am trying to deploy this report on tomcat server (located on different machine).

There is parameter in Cust called SUBREPORT_DIR which has a value "H:\\reports\\CustomerReport\\", this configuration works when I run the reports from local tomcat server, but when I try to run this report on remote tomcat server then it gives the following exception.

Resource Not Found, CustSub.jasper

So I think it is not finding the Sub Report named CustSub.

I tried using following two parameters for SUBREPORT_DIR, but it is not working.

SUBREPORT_DIR = "com/mycomp/myapp/reports/"

So how should I pass SUBREPORT_DIR to Sub Report named as CustSub?

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You have to upload this subreport on the JapserReport server.

Steps to upload.

1:-Start JasperReport server and right click on the any directory where you want to save the subreport.

2:- Then "Add resource" then "File" and then "JRXML", browse subreport and give any name.

3:- Open iReport and go to main report and from palette drag "Sub report" and browse subreport from your machine.

4:- Add parameters in case you have .

5:- Select subreport and go to property section and "Sub report expression" property, edit and change the expression like "repo:/path of subreport jrxml in jasperreport

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