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My web application production deployment is on 2 servers behind a load-balancer.

I'm using passport (local strategy) with session for authentication.

When the application runs on one server everything works fine, but in production one server doesn't recognize the cookie/session established by the other server (Each request gets randomally sent to a different server, I can't control it).

As a result - i'm redirected to the login page when attempting to access pages that require authentication (even after i login).

How can i get the two servers to create a session cookie that they both recognize (obviously i used the same secret for the express session middleware).



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Option 1

Configure the load-balancer to always route the same ip to the same machine. Might be problematic for users who change network.

Option two

Use a third machine running the database and set up express.session (and any other database connections for that matter) to use that machine as store. This question/answer mentions how to do it with mongoose/mongodb.

I think this is the more common solution but is of course more expensive if you don't need a third machine.

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Thanks! Option 1 is not possible for me (can't control the load-balancer). I used option 2 - saving sessions in DB. – alonkad Mar 20 '13 at 13:11

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