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Can anyone help me to setup Cruisecontrol.net with git repository.

This is what I include in the cruisecontrol config file

<project name="MyFirstProject"
           description="demoproject showing a small config">
<sourcecontrol type="git">

  <executable>C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd\git.exe</executable>

  <tagCommitMessage>CCNet Build {0}</tagCommitMessage>


enter image description here

But when I run the ccnet console it fails.

I used openSSH keys(private and public).

I think it is something wrong with authentication.

When I use git bash to clone the repository it is working. But fails with CCNET

I spent more than 2 days to setup my build server. still can't get it right.

I need some assistance/guidance.

Is there a proper article or blog that describe correct steps ?

I search all over the internet and tried lots of things. Didnt work :(

Thanks in Advance

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you'll find all information on our Git Wiki Page in the "Notes" section.

  1. Use git.cmd and not git.exe
  2. CCNet runs as a service, right? Log-in as the user the service runs on and test if authentication works, if not set it up. (Best practise is to create a user the ccnet service runs on)
  3. Please paste the complete log of this integration run in debug/trace mode, the 3-liner is not helpful.
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