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I'm using achartengine in my Android Application, it works well but i have a question.

Is it possible to reverse plot?

I mean in my graph, new values which are added to my XY series with the function add, are added at end of the series, and then the graph is redrawn, so new values appears at right of the graph.

But i want to add my new value at index 0, in order to show on the graph only the last X values.

enter image description here

Sorry if it's not very clear


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Surely you just need to be adding your data to index 0 within the XY series? It seems like that should solve your problem, as the data will get plotted in the order that it appears in the series –  Matt Taylor Mar 20 '13 at 11:13
There is no method to add a value at a specific index: the only method to add data for the XYSeries is add(value x, value y). Add(0, value y) only erase data at value x = 0 and plot new data, in can't increment others x index –  JSHeb Mar 20 '13 at 12:46

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There is no support for inserting data to XYSeries at a given index. However you could get to this behavior by clearing the current data and adding it back, with the new value included. I know this would not be a very optimal way, but it helps you get to your needed behavior.

Edit: I added an add(index, x, y) method in XYSeries. You can download a version including this feature here.

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Ok, thanks Dan. I'm going to find a solution, i'll post my answer later. –  JSHeb Mar 20 '13 at 13:55
See my edited answer. –  Dan Mar 20 '13 at 14:16
Don't seems to work. Or I don't know how it works ^^, new values are plotted at the end. Even if I add a new value at index 0: add(0, valueX1 = 1, 2.5), if I add another value later: add(0, valueX2 = 2, 3.5) => valueX2>valueX1, so valueX2 is plotted at the right of valueX1. What I need to do is add(0, valueX = 0, valueY) to plot the new point, and change valueX of the other points by valueX + 1, i'm not sure it's possible. Thank you for your help Dan –  JSHeb Mar 20 '13 at 15:36
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So, i've found a trick:

Dataset is my XYseries and mRenderer my multipleSeriesRenderer

  • I've changed alignment of the Y axis:

mRenderer.setYAxisAlign(Align.RIGHT, 0);

  • I've erased automatic labels:


  • The 0 on the axe X is now a custom label, so every time a new value is added to the graph, I have to change is position:

mRenderer.setXAxisMax(dataset.getItemCount() - 1); mRenderer.addXTextLabel(dataset.getItemCount() - 1, "0");

  • And to finish, i change the X axis min everytime a new value is added, in order to get a fix scale:

mRenderer.setXAxisMin(dataset.getItemCount() - scale - 1);

enter image description here

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