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I am creating a csv file in Android. At some places content contains commas how can i handle those commas.

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Are you using some library to create the file? Escaping and quoting should be handled by that. If you're doing it all yourself, I recommend you read up on how CSV files work, this is really basic. – Wooble Mar 20 '13 at 11:11
@Wooble No sir i am not using an library – Supreet Mar 20 '13 at 11:13

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The CSV format is defined in

Values that contain commas must be enclosed within double quotes.

Double quotes within quoted values must be escaped by doubling them.

For example, here are two rows with three columns each.

hello, "me, you", "world"
"this is a ""quote""", "text", text
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You need to specify text qualifiers. Generally a double quote (") is used as text qualifiers. All the text is always put inside it and all the commas inside a text qualifier is ignored.

This is a standard method for all CSV, languages and all platforms for properly handling the text.

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You can use double quotes. e.g. "1, Back Street",2,3,asdf,"dff,"

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You have to escape commas in strings which you want to write to the CSV file (if you use the comma as field separator). But seriously... don't write your own CSV writer/parser! Use a library for this. OpenCSV for example.

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