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var mySortables = new Sortables('#sortable',


I am using sortables to allow users to rearrange slides by dragging a span containing the thumbnail of the slide to a new position. These elements are inline.

There is an A tag surrounding the image which when clicked lets the user edit that slide.

In some cases the link is activated when you release the sortable element, I haven't quite been able to work out when this happens.

My question is, is it possible to disable the link until the drop is complete and then renable it, or should I just use a different approach to displaying them and perhaps add onclick events to the span elements which I can remove/readd more easily.


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You can use the start,complete events to set a flag and only if this flag is false when clicking on the anchor - enable the editing.

var is_dragging;
var mySortables = new Sortables('#sortable',
    onStart: function(){

      is_dragging = true; 

    onComplete: function(){
        is_dragging = false;   

    function onClickAnchor(){
         //do stuff
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thank you I will try that and control the anchor tag with my JS. Thanks – Rolf Herbert Mar 20 '13 at 14:52

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