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OS Windows, C#. I have a problem with output encoding.

App.Document doc = cad.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;
if (doc != null)
    doc.Editor.WriteMessage("\nProcess started. Please, wait...\n");
String exeName = Path.Combine(curDir, "recovery");
Process proc = new Process();            
ProcessStartInfo info = new ProcessStartInfo();
info.CreateNoWindow = true;
info.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
info.UseShellExecute = false;
// info.StandardOutputEncoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(1251);
info.StandardOutputEncoding = Console.OutputEncoding;
info.FileName = exeName;
info.Arguments = String.Format("{0} -clear", @"%zipDir%\acad_R17.2.zip");
proc.StartInfo = info;
String outputText = proc.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
if (doc != null) {
    doc.Editor.WriteMessage("Operation is complete.");

Output result:

recovery; (c) Andrey Bushman, 2013

ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%acad_R17.2%". ќ«Ґ¬Ґ­в: AutoCAD 2009/; –Ґ«Ґў®© Є в «®Ј: C:\Program Files\Autodesk; ЋиЁЎЄ : ЋвЄ § ­® ў ¤®бвгЇҐ Ї® ЇгвЁ "acad.CUI". ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%rmb_acad_R17.2%". ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%local_acad_R17.2%". ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%allUsers_acad_R17.2%". ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%shared_acad_R17.2%". ќ«Ґ¬Ґ­в: Autodesk Shared/; –Ґ«Ґў®© Є в «®Ј: C:\Program Files\Common Files; ЋиЁЎЄ : ЋвЄ § ­® ў ¤®бвгЇҐ Ї® ЇгвЁ "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\". ЋЎа Ў®вЄ  Є в «®Ј  "%ext_acad_R17.2%".

But if I launch recovery.exe through the cmd.exe, in the console I see the correct text. How can I get the valid text through my code?


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I found the answers. Two variants:

  1. GetOEMCP
  2. CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.TextInfo.OEMCodePage

Both work fine.

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