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I use a REST service that responds in json with messages like this:

      "message":"my message",

Field data is an array, sometimes null, sometimes fill with instances of one class (like Partner, Department, Building,... only one type of them).

In my Java app, I have a ServerResponse class and it looks like:

public class ServerResponse {

    private StatusMessage statusMessage;
    private List<Object> data;

    public ServerResponse(StatusMessage statusMessage, List<Object> data) {
        this.statusMessage = statusMessage;
        this.data = data;

When data is null, there is no problem, but when it fills with some objects, I don't know how to deserialize it. If I use:

response = gson.fromJson(result, ServerResponse.class);

I can't cast or use the list of objects in data. Furthermore, if I declare the field data in Java like this:

private List<Department> data;

It works fine with Department type, but, as might be expected, throws error with others types. I'm stuck...

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If the JSON being returned is that bad, you're pretty much out of luck when it comes to deserializing it to a Java class/object. At least not without hacky nonsense and casting to/from Object. You're better off simply parsing the JSON and extracting the data. –  Brian Roach Mar 21 '13 at 2:07

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If you do not specify type for data, ie you use List<Object> as now, your will get at leas a list of maps (and map can contains again list or maps depending on content).

If you can discriminate type of object by the content, you can write a simple custom deserializer like asked here (check isA field)

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