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I am trying to upload some UTF-8 strings into Vertica database using it's COPY command triggered by Vertica client (VSQL tool). Unfortunatelly, from Vertica docs:

The drivers do not transform data loaded by executing a COPY or COPY LOCAL statement.

Data I am importing looks like this

\u00DCser entered \\t and \\n and \\r and \u0161 \u0111 \u017E \u010D \u0107 \u0160 \u0110 \u017D \u010C \u0106 \u00FC \u00F6 \u00E4 \u00DC \u00D6 \u00C4

This is just a set of some characters and represents one string being imported. Does anyone has any idea how to do this? Of course, there is an option of some sed-awk magic before triggering COPY command, if needed.

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Are you asking if Vertica can translate the UTF-8 strings into Regular Text ? – Up_One Jan 27 '14 at 17:14

It looks like your data is not in utf-8 but in some kind of unicode point printable format. Check your extract process and make sure your data is in utf-8 and it will load fine (character data must be in utf-8 in vertica).

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