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I am trying to think how to write a function that get char* and return a pointer to the same char but after added to his end few constant characters.

char* addExtension(char* FileName)

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+1 for the sense of humor @H2CO3 – Aniket Mar 20 '13 at 11:53

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That's just what the standard library function strcat() (for "string concatenate") does, I think. You should look into using it.

Also beware of the dangers of buffer overrun, a function such as this (and strcat(), for that matter) is inherently unsafe since it doesn't include information about available space.

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You really can't do that, not with arbitrary strings anyway. Strings can be:

  • Constants (like the literal "hello world"). Those can't be modified
  • Char arrays (like char thingie[10]). They have fixed amout of space - if you run out of it, you get the very friendly Segmentation fault or worse.
  • malloc'd pointers - they have fixed amount of space, too, and need to be freed.

You can copy the string and return a new one, but that can result in memory leaks if you don't take care of the old one. Example

char *copycat(char *first, char *second) {
    char *result = malloc(strlen(first)+strlen(second)+1);
    strcpy(result, first);
    strcpy(result+strlen(first), second);
    return result;
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