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I have two boards that connected via the PCIE bus. They can exchange data via the pre-allocated message buffers. Now I try to implement a virtual network interface based on this connection. Referring some network driver sources show that there are two methods they implemented the receive path:

  • Use dev_alloc_skb() to allocate the skb inside the receive function and copy the data to the buffer allocated for this skb.
  • Use dev_alloc_skb() to allocate the skb and put their buffers into the RX ring.

In these two cases, the buffer are allocated by the dev_alloc_skb(). I would like to just allocate the skb control header only and point the data pointers to my message buffer. We also have to modify the skb_free() to put the message buffer back to the message pool instead.

May anyone please tell me if there are any reference code which also uses the similar approach or please propose a better approach that minimize code change. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

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