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I am trying to dynamically create functions based on some static public fields of a Java class. So in one file I have something like:

(intern *ns* (symbol (get-fieldname-from-class class)) some-func)

The problem is that I want to call that particular function while it isn't defined yet.

For example, the Java class has a static int PARENTHESIZED_EXPRESSION field. From this I generate a parenthesized-expression? function. This works quite nice, but when I load a Clojure file in the REPL that uses this functions I get an

unable to resolve parenthesized-expression?

error. So I have to make sure that the symbol's are interned first. How can I do this?

I realize this is not a very functional approach, but I'm a little bit hesitant to enter almost 80 similar functions for all the fields of this class. Besides, this class might be subject to change.

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calling a static public static field of a class is simple : Class/fieldName Why do you need to go this complex way to create functions for them? –  Ankur Mar 20 '13 at 12:55
I know, but I want to replace lots of (= (.getNodeType expr) ASTNode/PARENTHESIZED_EXPRESSION)) like constructs by (parenthesized-expression? expr) –  Maurits Rijk Mar 20 '13 at 18:07

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I wonder if you could get by using a macro like this:

user=> (defmacro f [sym] `(defn ~(symbol (str sym "?")) [x#] (= x# ~(symbol (str "java.util.Calendar/" (str sym))))))
user=> (f DAY_OF_MONTH)
user=> (DAY_OF_MONTH? java.util.Calendar/DAY_OF_WEEK)
user=> (DAY_OF_MONTH? java.util.Calendar/DAY_OF_MONTH)
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I used a variant of this defmacro. Thanks. –  Maurits Rijk Mar 21 '13 at 18:34

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