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I have searched for hours on the web for an example of implementing the direccions service on my android app.

I am using the google maps android api 2.

Basically I want the directions from the actual position and a marker position selected by the user.

I want to make clear that I don´t want to launch a web browser or the google maps aplication, I want to implement the service on my own app.

Till now I found some examples about drawing the route on tha map, which are ok


Google map API v2 - get driving directions

so I just miss the indications part of the service so y can show on my own listview with arrows (turn to left , to right , etc).

Thanks for reading my question

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I'm not sure what you want. In your second link about Google Map API v2, the data for drawing maps comes from maps.googleapis.com .You can see https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/ for more documentation about that.

The xml returned from maps.googleapis.com include <html_instructions> tag which contains instruction like turn left or turn right. So you just need to parse that xml and use <html_instructions> tag for information you need on your listview.

I hope this helps.

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