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I am trying to do a select from multiple tables and some of the columns values will be based on the case like this (the statement in else loop is giving error)

(select case 
when @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
    then @randomNumber
else (set @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID ) 
end )as costmoney

here @caQuoteIdTemp and @randomNumber are local variables I declared like this -

DECLARE @randomNumber      FLOAT
declare @caQuoteIdTemp int
set @randomNumber = convert(numeric(15,0),rand() * 899999999999999) + 100000000000000
set @caQuoteIdTemp = 1

Now my questions is: how can I set the value of @caQuoteIdTemp to @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID in the else statement?

At the moment I am getting syntax error. I am wondering if it is not at all possible to change the value of a variable


The full Query is like this

    DECLARE @randomNumber      FLOAT
declare @caQuoteIdTemp int
set @randomNumber = convert(numeric(15,0),rand() * 899999999999999) + 100000000000000
set @caQuoteIdTemp = 1

(select DATEPART(WK, corporateQuotes.date_ordered)) as week_ordered,
(select DATEPART(MONTH, corporateQuotes.date_ordered)) as month_ordered,
(select DATEPART(YEAR, corporateQuotes.date_ordered)) as year_ordered,
-- cost money --
(select case 
    when corporateQuotes.discountIsPoundValue = 1
        then prod_sub.your_price + prod_sub.commission -
    else (prod_sub.your_price + prod_sub.commission - ( * prod_sub.your_price/100)) 
    end as costmoney)as costmoney,  
-- saving money --
(prod_sub.rrp * prod_sub.issues - prod_sub.your_price )as savingmoney,

-- Do something about TransID here--
(select @caQuoteIdTemp =(
        when @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
            then @randomNumber
        else corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
     as test) ,

@randomNumber as st_transId,

--do something about commison --
-- discount applied --
        when corporateQuotes.discountIsPoundValue = 1
        else ( * prod_sub.your_price/100) 
        end as discountApplied)as discountApplied,

-- pending orderID --

 --PP transID -- 
 -- commison  --

from corporateQuotes
join corporateQuoteItems on
corporateQuotes.caQuoteID = corporateQuoteItems.caQuoteID
join corporateAccounts on 
corporateQuotes.caID = corporateAccounts.caID
join prod_sub on
corporateQuoteItems.prodSubID = prod_sub.ProdSubID
join prod on
prod_sub.ProdID = prod.ProdID

where corporateQuotes.orderId is null
--group by corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
order by corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
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You cannot do this inside a CASE - in T-SQL, the CASE only returns a single value - it's not intended to control program flow; for that, you need to use IF .... THEN .... ELSE .... blocks – marc_s Mar 20 '13 at 12:50

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What you have is a select statement but in the else part all you are doing is setting a variable. I'm assuming you want to select @randomNumber if the Id's match otherwise just reset the variable in which case why not use an IF...ELSE... e.g.

IF (EXISTS (SELECT * FROM corporateQuotes WHERE @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID))
    SELECT  @randomNumber AS costmoney
    SET @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID 
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Thanks Bob. I tried that and it is giving me error : the multi part identifier "corporateQuotes.caQuoteID " could not be bound. and it is also saying that there is a syntax error near if statement – nasaa Mar 20 '13 at 12:59
Ok, thats because table corporateQuotes wasn't included in the query. I've edited my answer, although I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve - could i suggest you include the whole sql statement in your question, thanks. – Young Bob Mar 20 '13 at 13:12
Hey Bob I have updated the query in the question – nasaa Mar 20 '13 at 13:59
Thanks for the update. But i still don't follow the logic - it looks like the statement is selecting potentially multiple rows (where orderId is null) and if it finds a matching row where @ caQuoteIdTemp = caQuoteId it resets @caQuoteIdTemp to a random number oetherwise it sets @ caQuoteIdTemp to caQuoteId (in the original question anyway) which doesn't make sense if potentially multiple rows are being matched. Is the variable needed? - presumably it's referenced later on in the SQL batch which is not shown. Sorry can't help further unless I know what your trying to achieve. – Young Bob Mar 20 '13 at 15:10
DECLARE @randomNumber      FLOAT
declare @caQuoteIdTemp int
set @randomNumber = convert(numeric(15,0),rand() * 1000) + 1000
set @caQuoteIdTemp = 1

select @caQuoteIdTemp =(case when @caQuoteIdTemp = corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
    then @randomNumber
    else corporateQuotes.caQuoteID
                        end ) from corporateQuotes

SELECT @caQuoteIdTemp as costmoney

i have reduced the range for random number, previous values were causing arithmetic overflow.

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You are not setting the value of '@caQuoteIdTemp' to '@caQuoteIdTemp =corporateQuotes.caQuoteID'. – nasaa Mar 20 '13 at 13:46
yes i am, try to execute the query – Ankit Mar 20 '13 at 13:47
Sorry I missed that part. Well I have updated the query in my question but it is still giving me syntax error. Can you please point out the mistake there – nasaa Mar 20 '13 at 13:59
Please mark as answer if this has resolved your problem – Ankit Jun 12 '14 at 7:17

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