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I am facing an issue with XSLFO - FOP image rendering, I have several images of different size. some of the small images are aligned inline with the text and some are big images that occupies a defined space, While displaying big images it would go beyond the viewport and i found a working solution at the Yahoo groups to restrict it within the viewport, however the given soultion renders both small and big images as block. but i need to render inline image as inline itself and not as block.

I am using following code to render image

<fo:external-graphic src="file:{./@src}" width="90%" content-width="scale-to-fit" scaling="uniform" content-height="100%" vertical-align="middle"/>

Image tag doesn't contain any information about inline or block.

Sample: <img src="images/real_world_example.jpg" />

screenshot of the problem

Text in the above image should align next to the image

Thanks in advance.

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I can't test it but I think that the problem is with your width="90%". Simply delete it, it should work as you expect.

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