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I'm sure this is an asinine question, and I blame myself for not fully understanding how the SVNSERVE process works.

I have an SVN repo, but it needs to be moved to a server within a clients cloud. I did this a while back and ran into the issue of the SVNSERVE.exe process not getting set to the right directory.

I have the SVNSERVE.exe process running as a windows service and pointing to the right directory. There are two other repos there that are serving out fine in the same directory. I copied out the new directory just like I did with the others, but I'm getting the error "No repository found". I thought that SVNSERVE just looked at that directory and served out the repositories that were there, but I have had a hard time finding more information about that.

I thought it was a Windows permission problem, but I set the whole folder to be full control to EVERYONE, so that's not it.

I feel horrible I didn't fully understand this problem the first time I fought it, but it's late on a Sunday night and clients are yelling. Anyone know what I'm missing?



It's specific to the repository. I tested the same process with some of the other repos we have on our server and when I copied them up, they worked just as expected.

This bug is breaking me and I wish I could provide more details, but that's all I know. I'm going to try to do an SVN Dump instead of an XCopy and see how that goes. I'll let you know.

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If the url of the repo the clients use has changed the clients with need to do an svn switch --relocate

But it sounds like youre having server issues. Don`t really have enough info to help you.

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It's a repo that was on our server and I copied it up to their server. They don't need to do anything on the client side since they never had the repo. –  Ryan Smith Oct 12 '09 at 2:34

We need more info.

What does this report:

svnadmin verify path/to/repository

And can you do a checkout locally on the server?

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