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The problem i am having is that i am unable to so save information from my ios application to my web server, I am currently app to retrieve the data using JSON and parsing that data.

I have written the php code for the request and it is stored on my server:

    // updating record
    $q = sprintf("update phone_book set name = '%s', phoneNumber = '%s', email = '%s', phoneNumber = '%s' where name = '%s'",

However I have looked everywhere and am unable to find information on how i could use post this information from my application to the web server.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Use this api for post and get calls and object mapping

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This actually wasent to hard. Another option instead of using REST was to POST JSON from the iOS application sending the JSON to a site where a php file contains the code. The fixed code inside the PHP would look like:

$json_post = json_decode(file_get_contents ('php://input'),1);
$name = $json_post['name'];
$phone = $json_post['phone'];

$aQuery = "UPDATE phone_book SET phoneNumber = '$phone' WHERE name = '$name' ";



If anyone requires anymore help feel free to leave a comment. Good Luck!

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