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can any one help on the below.

I need to open a new browser tab using command link tag in jsf, only when a condition is true.

How to set conditions in jsf tags?

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Could you paste an example of your code? – jmrodrigg Mar 20 '13 at 15:05

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You can either use the rendered attribute, and completing them with a EL expression. Using the rendered attribute, the link will only be shown if the condition is true.

If you want to open a commandlink in a new browser tab depending on a condition, you can easily achieve it using the rendered attribute:

<h:commandLink action="my_navigation_rule"
               rendered="#{!MyBean.booleanValue}" />

<h:commandLink action="my_navigation_rule"
               rendered="#{MyBean.booleanValue}" target="_blank"/>

As the rendered conditions are exclusionary, it will only be printed one of the commandLinks.

More info on JSF Expression Language (EL) (Very useful to set conditions in jsf tags) --> here

Note: I know the solution can be improved since you can use an EL expression to determine the target value, but in my opinion this solution is easier.

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You can use managed bean actionListener of the commandMenu and then get the condition tested and redirect to the page in new tab if its true...

enter image description here

import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;

public class PageBean {

String page;

public PageBean() {

public void getMenu(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
    // Add event code here...

/* add your code to get and test condition and based upon the condition true and false conditon get commandMenu Id of the menu clicked by the following way

be sure to give the id of the command menu the same name you want to open in the next tab upon menu click like in my case i have given the command menu id as page1 String id = actionEvent.getComponent().getId(); System.out.println(" Menu ID : "+id); now set the fetched menu id to the page variable with the proper page extension and acccess the pariable in the action from the manged bean to redirect to the page in the next tab upon menu click after testing the validation */

    page = id;
    System.out.println("Value assigned to the page from the menu Id is :"+page);

public String getPage() {
    return page;

public void setPage(String page) { = page;

public void dashContentEntryCheck(){
    System.out.println("entered inside dashboard content task flow");


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