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I am having trouble with having two processes communicate with each other through pipes in c. I forked a child process and it is running another program. The parent process is receiving chars from a string and sending it to the other process through a pipe where it will be manipulated and sent back.

When i use the parents write function it returns a value > -1 so it is correctly being sent over but I can not get the information back correctly. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated thank you.

    if(child_pid == 0){ //childs code


    execlp("./hextobin", "hextobin", NULL); 

//parents code
while((fgets(buf1, 100, inputFile)) != NULL) {
    int check = write(pfd1[1], buf1, strlen(buf1));     
    printf("%d", check);
    printf("%s", buf1);

dup2(pfd1[0], 0);
dup2(pfd2[1], 1);   

while((fgets(buf2, 100, stdin)) != NULL){                                                                       
    //fprintf(outputFile, "%s", buf2);      
    printf("%s", buf2);     


Also the child process is using fgets to get the information from the stdin, and then printing the manipulated info back out using printf where the parent process will grab it.

Childs Code: in main

char inputBuf[256];
char *binArray[256];                                    

fgets(inputBuf, 100, stdin);            
binArray[inc1] = strdup(inputBuf);  


reverse prints answer so p1 can grab through stdin:

    for(int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
    temp = myArray[index];
    answerArray[i] = temp;

printf("%s", answerArray);  
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Where is the code for the child receiving the data and sending it back? – Neil Townsend Mar 20 '13 at 13:32
i added the childs code if that helps – user2191006 Mar 20 '13 at 13:52

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