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My code:

When I click an 'a' element from 'li', I want it to get 'active' class and an arrow to the right (with the 'span' I wrote to JS part). The 'active' part is OK , but I'm confused with the arrow part. I guess I should select 'li', not 'a'. But I only give the 'active' class to 'a'. How can I select "the 'li' who is the parent of the 'a' which has class 'active'"?

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jQuery selector:

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You retrieve the parent Object with:

var parent = $(this).parent();

So in you case, the parent jQuery object will hold with the following DOM:

    <a href="#">Test ...</a>

Also it's always a good idea to wrap jQuery around a object just one time in a scope. So when you use a selector multiple times, save it to a variable.

var $this = $(this);
var $parent = $this.parent();
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I edited your fiddle to behave as you expect.

    $("#resp-list > li").on('click', 'a', function () {
        $("#resp-list > li > a").removeClass('active');
        $(this).parent().prepend('<span class="fr arrow-right"></span>');
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See this: Fiddle

 $("#resp-list a").click(function () {
     $(this).parent().add('<span class="fr arrow-right"></span>');
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Use the parent method.

$("#resp-list a").click(function () {
     var _this=$(this);
     var parentItem=_this.parent();

    //do whatever you want with the parent.

Also you may need to use append method to add the span to the li.

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check out this...

$(document).ready(function(){ $("#resp-list a").click(function () {

    $("#resp-list a").removeClass("active");
        $("#resp-list a span").remove();
        $(this).append('<span class="fr arrow-right"></span>');


Hope this is what u expect.

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