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I am trying to design an ER diagram for a school project for Android. The project is all about Attendance Tracking.

I think I created it the best I can, but I have one issue left.

For the project we decided that a user creates an event and for each event there will be members and meetings.

My issue is:

I assigned each event some members and then I want to create a meeting on a specific day and of course since this meeting is about an event it should take the same members of that event. How can I accomplish this?


Event01 (Member1, Member2, Memeber3)




All the three meeting should have the same members because they are of the same event but in different dates. How can I record attendance for each member in each meeting?

Here is my ER diagram:

ER diagram

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You have to decide what your business rules are.

If attendees at a meeting are assumed to be everyone attending the event where the meeting will happen, then you probably don't want to store any link between member and event. That information would be redundant according to your business rule.

If attendees at a meeting have to be attendees at the event, but not all of them, then you want to store meeting attendees directly. The best way to enforce this with your schema would be to have an intersection between meeting and event_member.

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I am trying to understand but, let me add some info here. Suppose the event is a Class, so the members are limited and are pre-registered. So on each class meeting I want to take attendance. Meetings are not predefined, so whenever I want to schedule a new meeting I click add meeting to that event specifies date/time but members are associated automatically. –  MIH1406 Mar 20 '13 at 15:30
@MIH1406 - Thanks for the additional info. Either attendance is something you handle implicitly or explicitly. From a schema point of view, you probably want to have child attendance records that intersect between your class registration entry (e.g. event_member) and the class (instance of meeting). Whether you choose to automatically create these attendance records when you create the class or whether you create them as the attendance is taken is up to your preference. I'd probably create the records defaulted to "absent" and update them to "present" as needed. –  Joel Brown Mar 20 '13 at 18:02

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