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I have a jqgrid with several columns and one is editable (textarea) use case:

  1. I type some text in my cell
  2. I click on the row header checkbox to select/unselect the row
  3. The cell is not saved (in my point of view it should be)

How can I do to save and close the edited cell when I click on the row header Check box ?

I tried this without any success

GridTemplate.AP_List.defaults = {
    caption: '',
    sortname: null,
    height: '470',
    autowidth: true,
    shrinkToFit: true,
    multiselect: multi, //this add Checkbox in front of each row
    cellEdit: true,
    cellsubmit: 'clientArray',
    rowNum: 20,
    scrollOffset: 0,
        OnlyPending: null
    beforeSelectRow: function (rowid, e)
        return false;
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Why do you use restoreRow, not saveRow? From documentation. restoreRow:Restores the data to original values before the editing of the row specified by rowid. –  gv0zd Mar 22 '13 at 12:28
when I use saveRow(rowid, false, 'clientArray') I'm no more been able to edit the cell. –  Denfer06 Apr 2 '13 at 12:37

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