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I have following scenario.
I'm setting up INotifier notification in controller and after that i'm redirecting to other action. On the view where i'm redirecting i have some Html.RenderAction helpers. Every time when action is rendered fires NotifyFilter.OnResultExecuting(ResultExecutingContext filterContext) and every method call the message set to tempData[TempDataMessages] (where notification message is saved by NotifyFilter.OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext filterContext) is added new message entry.

My controller:

[HttpPost, ActionName("SomeAction")]
public ActionResult SomeActionPost()
  _notifier.Information(T("Important information"));
  return RedirectToAction("OtherAction", "MyController");

public ActionResult OtherAction()
  return View();

And the view:

 @{ Html.RenderAction("ActionOne", "MyController");}
 @{ Html.RenderAction("ActionTwo", "MyController");}

So notification is tripled (once by ActionResult OtherAction, once by ActionResult ActionOne and once by ActionResult ActionTwo.
Anybody knows how to prevent additional notifications?

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I can see no easy way of doing that. You can try adding your own action filter and clear the TempData["messages"] value at some point or do that from inside your parent view. Both solutions are workarounds, though, and equally messy.

Btw - Html.RenderAction should be used with caution. Don't use it unless you're perfectly sure what are the implications. It makes multiple actions being processed in a single request. This is very slow and will run you into problems (like the one you wrote about) sooner or later. Most of code out there assumes there is a one action fired during a request.

If you can handle things without it (which in most cases is possible), do it.

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