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Hi I get below error causing to fail the build but the Wix Installer MSI gets created in bin. How can i avoid these errors or suppress ?

error LGHT0204: ICE57: Component 'cmp52CD5A4CB5D668097543295CE11F998C' has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath.

<Component Id="cmp52CD5A4CB5D668097543295CE11F998C" Directory="dir61E1488DA838A25DC7BC0F573A0FB3CD" Guid="*">
                <Class Id="{017F9D47-1C89-3448-8C8F-531717713535}" Context="InprocServer32" Description="ComponentArt.Web.UI.CustomAttributeMappingCollection" ThreadingModel="both" ForeignServer="mscoree.dll">
                    <ProgId Id="ComponentArt.Web.UI.CustomAttributeMappingCollection" Description="ComponentArt.Web.UI.CustomAttributeMappingCollection" />
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Is your installer Per-Machine (ALLUSERS=1 or 2) If so, ignore this warning. IIRC, the ICE57 warning has a bug. – Christopher Painter Mar 20 '13 at 14:40
Yes it is per-Machine – Chatrapathi Mar 20 '13 at 15:11
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To address the warning go away, ensure that dir61E1488DA838A25DC7BC0F573A0FB3CD is rooted in a per-machine Directory such as ProgramFilesFolder.

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