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Is there any Ruby/Rails library for sending PostgreSQL asynchronous notifications via WebSockets?

I need to notify a browser client for updates in a specific database table. I know this can be done with pub/sub APIs, but I'm looking for a Postgres only solution.

I've found a Python tutorial for this, but couldn't find one for Ruby. I need to implement this for production use, so a production-ready library and tutorial would be the best.

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I wrote a Rails3-Plugin for exactly this scenario. Sadly it is closed source (it was paid work), but you can implement it on your own very easily. There is a EventMachine plugin for websockets and you can use Model.execute() to listen/notify. Only thing you have to bare in mind is that MRI is not multithreaded (look for GIL), so I used jruby instead of MRI for the websockets server. – ckruse Apr 5 '13 at 8:31

I don't know directly about any that does work with websockets, but queue_classic gem uses listen/notify in postgres for a message queueing. It's a good way to start looking how it can be done.

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