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I'm trying to create a scalable JSF application. I would like to save view states on client side but I have troubles with ViewScoped ManagedBean with CDI Injected attributes. :

public class SomeService {
    // ...

public class SomeBean implements Serializable {

            private SomeService someService;

Unfortunately glassfish fails to serialize someService which I don't want to be serializabled but re-injected.

I tried to make it transient which ends up to a NullPointerException when accessing someService after de-serialization.

What shall I do?

I'm aware that I could use CDI ViewScoped with Seam Faces or CODI but I want to minimize at most dependencies.

I could also wait for JEE7 which will provide @ViewScoped for CDI but we won't be using JEE7 before months.

I just wanted to add that I was using embedded EJB bundled in a jar which is itself linked to my war. NotSerializableException's stack trace has the following message :

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Why are you injecting an EJB by CDI's @Inject instead of EJB's @EJB? – BalusC Mar 20 '13 at 15:24
I don't really get the difference, according to link it's better to use @EJB in some cases. I tried to change from @Inject to @EJB without any improvement. Do you have any recommendation? – Alexandre Jacob Mar 20 '13 at 18:38
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I don't like to self respond to my own questions but after some more research I found that it was a bug in Mojarra 2.1.6 (I'm using Glassfish which is now solved in Mojarra 2.1.20.

To update Mojarra you just need to download a fresher version (eg: and place it in the $GLASSFISH/modules directory as javax.faces.jar.

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