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Ex: I enter the number 9876543210 in a cell. I want to create an if then formula to add a sequential number to this but working only off of the last digit. the zero in this example.

If the last digit is >= to 3 than add 5 if the last digit is <=2 than add 15.

Then have this formula repeat for 10 numbers - is that possible? so i imput the 9876543210 it then show: 9876543225 9876543230 9876543245

and so on

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Assumed that you update the number in the cell A1. Paste the above formula in A2 and copy paste downwards.

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"If the last digit is >= to 3 than add 5 if the last digit is <=2 than add 15" is achieved by exactly this. I totally agree with you. However the test sets suggested by OP don't make sense with the logic he wrote down in the first place. –  Bernard Saucier Jan 11 '14 at 23:22

If this is Excel, you may want to use MOD (modulo or remainder) function to get the last digit and then perform an IF-THEN or nested IF-THEN to achieve this.

=IF(MOD(A1,10)=3, A1+15, IF(MOD(A1,10)=5, A1+20, A1+30))

This formula translates to the following decision tree:

IF the last digit of the value in cell A3 is 3 Then
    Add 15 to it
ELSEIF the last digit of the value in cell A3 is 5 then
   Add 20 to it
    Add 30 to it

Repeating the operation may require some VBA. If you already know the number of times you need to repeat the operation, you can pre-populate formulas in subsequent rows/columns, each time refer to the immediately preceding cell. For example, if you want to repeat it 5 times, you should compute the diff of first two cells and then add that diff to the value of immediately preceding row/column like this (assuming A1 had the original value, B1 had the formula I posted above and C1 through G1 are the next 5 cells):

In C1: =B1 + ($B1 - $A1)

In D1: =C1 + ($B1 - $A1)

and so on...

Note the use of absolute and relative addresses in these formulae. You can copy/paste the formula in C1 to the subsequent cells and it will automatically adjust itself to refer to immediately preceding cell.


I just realized that you want to evaluate the MOD formula in each subsequent cell. In that case you simply need to copy/paste it to subsequent cells instead of using 2nd and 3rd formulas I posted above.

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